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One of the first questions you will ask is “How much will the construction cost?” As you know, the overall cost of a building, addition or renovation has many variables. To simplify, there are two traditional methods to determine cost, described below. In each case, clients will often preceed them by: Bringing in a contractor(s) first, to determine budget based on a brief discussion of “perceived scope.” This can be an efficient way to converge on a rough approximation, but with commesurate accuracy. This is a “weak” estimate because contractors are loath to invest their valuable time in providing free (and perhaps repeated) estimates. It is also weak because you will likely change the scope during the design process. 1) Award the project to a contractor before designing it. This will assure you of good cooperation and a better degree of cost feedback, although the quality of the estimate is still subject to converging on final design. As such, there are different agreement types available. You need to be completely comfortable with your relationship with the contractor, because this method removes some of the competitive forces that serve a client who bids out the work. On the other hand, you benefit from close contractor-side feedback on cost and construction options. 2) Choose a traditional design-then-bid sequence. Although this may delay cost feedback, it has the advantages of a pure competitive bidding process. Some of these are: a) Likely more “what-if” pre-cost design explorations b) Perspective and feedback from multiple contractors c) Classic bidding cost efficiencies Perhaps a better way to converge on a budget-sensitive design solution is to combine the design and estimating process in a new way. So we are developing an offering to do this. As this is currently a “work in progress,” it is a free service.
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